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What is the ASCUS PAP Smear?

The ASCUS PAP smear refers to a PAP smear with Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance.
It is a very common finding that is usually benign.
In most cases, a repeat PAP smear in 6 months will show that the ASCUS PAP smear has become a Normal PAP smear again.

Is ASCUS PAP Smear a sign of Cancer?

An ASCUS PAP smear is almost never a sign of cancer.
It is usually a result of mild infection or inflammation of the cervix.
The chance of the ASCUS PAP smear leading to a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix is dependant on the HPV status.

What do I do about the ASCUS PAP Smear?

It is best to speak to a specialist about your ASCUS PAP smear.
Very often, a HPV test will be done to assess the risk of future cervical disease.
When there are no risk factors or abnormal clinical findings, it is best to repeat the PAP smear in 6 months.
Sometimes, a more detailed examination of the cervix is required. This detailed examination is called a Colposcopy.

Is there anything I can do to prevent Cervix Cancer?

Yes, you can reduce your chance of cervix cancer with Cervical Cancer Vaccination. The latest vaccination gives you protection from 9 subtypes of the HPV virus, some of which are the ones that commonly cause cervix cancer in Singapore.
The USA FDA has extended the age for Cervical Cancer Vaccination with Gardasil-9 to 45 years old.