The Beginning of Life

Pregnancy First Trimester

To all expecting mothers, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy.

This will be an exciting journey over the next 40 weeks as your baby develops. Here’s some information on what to expect in each trimester of your pregnancy.

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Your Pregnancy First Trimester Weeks 1 - 12


Confirming The Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)

Once your urine pregnancy test is positive, it is best to get an ultrasound done 2-3 weeks after the missed menstruation. This ultrasound can confirm the well being of the pregnancy. It also provides an accurate EDD, the Expected Date of Delivery. The EDD is the 40th week of your pregnancy. It is an important date as the entire roadmap for the pregnancy is based on this EDD date. The EDD is most accurately determined at 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.


Early Pregnancy Symptoms

It is common to feel lethargic and tired in the beginning of pregnancy as the body adjusts to a growing pregnancy. Sometimes, aches and pulling discomfort are felt in the pelvis and groin as the growing womb tugs on the ligaments at its corner (ligamentous strain).

Occasionally there may be mild vaginal bleeding, sometimes after much walking or after sexual intercourse. This is most likely from the changes in the cervix during pregnancy rather than a sign of miscarriage.

Some women may complain of feeling bloated and having a lot of gas. This is because pregnancy slows down the stomach and gut movement, leading to more burping and constipation. Hence it is advisable to break up your meals into smaller portions and take plenty of water, fruits and vegetables.


Morning Sickness

60-90% of pregnant women will experience some nausea in the morning or sometimes at night. It usually begins at 7 weeks of pregnancy and ends by 14 weeks. It is believed that hormone surges, changes in blood sugar, and increased stomach acids are the causes of morning sickness.

Eating several small meals during the day and snacking on bland food like dry biscuits will often lessen nausea. It is better to eat foods high in carbohydrates and protein since they are easier to digest.Avoiding fried, fatty or spicy food will reduce nausea and heartburn. Taking Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) also helps reduce nausea in most women.

Morning sickness can be severe when vomiting occurs at every meal and you are not even able to retain fluids. Dehydration can occur with severe vomiting hence you should see your doctor especially if you find there is a drop in your urine output.


First Trimester Screening

Down’s Syndrome, Edwards Trisomy and Spinal Cord defects can now be screened before 14 weeks pregnancy. This consist of an ultrasound of the baby’s neck and nose as well as a blood test from the mother. You should discuss this screening test with your doctor.