Single Incision Keyhole Surgery

Just One Cut, Almost Scarless

Single Incision Laparoscopy – Landmark Cases

2009 - First Single Incision Hysterectomy (Womb Removal)

Anthony Siow & Jasmine performed the first Single Incision Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy in Singapore in Sept 2009.

The patient had early cervical cancer and needed her womb removed. The surgery took 118 minutes and her pain score after surgery was just 1/10. She did not require any pain medication and was well enough to go home the very next day after surgery.

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Singapore Medical Journal - First Single Incision Hysterectomy

2010 - First Single Incision Myomectomy (Fibroid Removal)

Anthony Siow & Quek Swee Chong performed the first Single Incision Laparoscopic Myomectomy in Singapore in Aug 2010.

The patient had 4 large fibroids removed and recovered with just "a tad bruised in the lower abdomen". Being a renowned journalist, she documented her surgical experience in the local newspaper.

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Docs Removed  Fibroids via 2cm Cut - First Single Incision Myomectomy

2011 - 2013
First Single Incision Hysterectomy in
Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Cebu.

Anthony is frequently invited to teach and demonstrate Single Incision Laparoscopy overseas. In 2011 - 2103, he performed the first Single Incision Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Indonesia (Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta), Philippines (Philippines General Hospital, Manila), Vietnam (Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Min City) and Cebu (Perpetual Succour Hospital).

Single Incision Laparoscopy in Patients with TWO Conditions

Single Incision Laparoscopy Fibroid and Gallbladder Removal
Single Incision Laparoscopy Fallopian Tube and Appendix Removal

Anthony Siow & Quah Hak Mien performed a rare 2-in-1 Single Incision Laparoscopy in Singapore.
The patient presented with discomforting symptoms from a 9cm fibroid and 2.5cm gallstone.
With Just One Cut of 3cm at the belly button, TWO major surgeries were successfully done to remove the fibroid and gallbladder.
|The patient was exceedingly relieved that both problems were treated at the same setting, essentially reducing her surgical risk and hospitalization cost by half.

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First 2-in-1 Single Incision Laparoscopy

Another patient presented with pelvic infection from swelling and infection in the right fallopian tube and appendix. Single Incision Laparoscopy was carried out to remove BOTH the fallopian tube and appendix. The patient was exceedingly pleased that both infections were treated with Just One Cut of 3cm at the belly button.

2021 - First Single Incision Laparoscopic Cerclage in Singapore

We present a 42 year old lady who had previous cervix surgery that resulted in a short cervix (0.5cm) that was flushed with the vaginal wall.
To overcome the inability of the short cervix to hold a pregnancy, a stitch around the cervix was needed.
This is called an abdominal cerclage stitch.
Anthony Siow & Quek Swee Chong successfully carried out the abdominal cerclage by Single Incision Laparoscopy. She subsequently carried a pregnancy to 35 weeks and had a caesarian section to deliver a healthy baby. At the caesarian section, the cerclage stitch was noted to be intact and well positioned.

Surgery to Stitch a Weak Cervix to Hold a Pregnancy


Anthony strongly believes Single Incision Laparoscopy gives patients the fastest recovery.

He is a strong advocate of surgery with Just One Cut for all suitable cases.

To date, he is among the few in the region with the vast experience of more than 400 Single Incision Laparoscopy cases.